Margaret Reynolds

Margaret Reynolds is a genderqueer writer based in Colorado. They write queer romances with a sprinkle of ghost and drink copious amounts of iced coffee like the vampiric bisexual that they are.

Short Stories

“Arman on Monday: Tight fitting, faux tux t-shirt with an open back.

Arman after Instagramming his outfit and reading the comments on his post for over an hour: ‘Do I have back fat?’”

a sex toy shop

“I used a butter knife to cut it into pieces, laid it on a dinner plate, and ate it. Thought there might be something poetic about getting salmonella from it all.”

Asshole Dude Dies

“I shake my head, trying to ignore the lube continually dripping from my vagina to the sheet below and wishing I’d wiped myself before starting this conversation. Maybe put some clothes on. Maybe asked over the phone instead.”

The Gynecologist


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