Margaret Reynolds

Margaret Reynolds is a genderqueer writer based in Colorado. They write queer romances with a sprinkle of ghost and drink copious amounts of iced coffee like the vampiric bisexual that they are.

Short Stories

That’s a night outfit

El is a jaded teen who has no time for unicorns, almonds, or Ambers, but what happens when Ambers have cute dimples and tell adorably dumb dad jokes?

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A Sex Toy Shop For Misfits and Mutants

Once upon a time, there was a sex toy store that lived in a nondescript strip mall, surrounded by nail salons and amphibian pet stores. However, this is not your average sex toy store. This is a sex toy store that sells both dildos and offers a haven for queer shape shifters. A locale that promotes safe sex and employs the sassy and winged.

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